V5.7.0 released

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Postby Steve » Mon Mar 23, 2020 9:12 am V5.7.0 is now available and can be downloaded using the links below.

Downloads: Studio Links:
Windows 64 bit: ... _win64.exe
Linux 64 bit: ... x64.tar.gz
Mac: ... _0_mac.dmg

On-premise Server Links
Windows 64 bit: ... _win64.exe
Linux 64 bit: ... x64.tar.gz

It is only possible to upgrade to this release from a V5.6 system. V5.6 was a landmark release that introduced substantial changes to the file system layout for both the Studio and Server components.

To upgrade a V5.6 system:
• Backup the file system
• Stop the system – either studio or server
• For Windows/Mac systems: run the installer as described above and select the option to upgrade an existing system
• For Linux systems: to upgrade the Studio follow the instructions here, to upgrade the Server follow the instructions here
• Restart the system

For earlier systems:
You must first upgrade to V5.6.

Here is a summary of changes introduced in Version 5.7.0:
  1. This release introduces a new Gateway Server product. Its purpose is to assist with the migration of in-house systems to the cloud. In particular it provides:
    • Single Sign On (SSO) from a cloud server to any in-house security system including Active Directory
    • Access from a cloud server to in-house databases and other resources
    • A portal application that runs in-house and provides links to the cloud applications
    • A programming API
  2. User Authentication improvements. Many options, including Active Directory authentication, can now be selected at the click of a button without the need to write a Logon Service. This also includes authentication using third-party Open Id Connect providers e.g. Google Identity Platform, Salesforce, ADFS etc.
This release also contains several bug fixes.

Further Details:
See the V5.7 Readme
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