Oracle Java SE license changes

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Oracle Java SE license changes


Postby Ben » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:29 pm

Oracle have made changes to how they license their Java products. As we have always distributed Ebase/ with Oracle Java SE, this will have an impact on us. Some users have asked us to confirm what they should do with their existing installations. We also have to decide how we are going to use Java in the future.

Existing Installations
There are no changes to existing releases of Oracle Java SE. Java 8 will continue to function and with the same license as before. Users who are happy with their Ebase/ installations (and the JDK it uses) are not impacted by these changes.

From v5.5
Oracle have changed the license for Java SE 11. It is now only appropriate for development, test and demonstration purposes. For this reason, we will not be bundling Oracle Java SE with future versions of The imminent release of version 5.5 works with all versions of Java from 8 to 11. It will be bundled with the Oracle build of OpenJDK 11 ( This is free and open source. We have also been testing with alternative builds of OpenJDK, including Azul Zulu, AdoptOpenJDK, Linux builds and Oracle Java SE itself. It is too early to make an official announcement, but we will probably target a few different distributions of OpenJDK. Seeing as they share the same core codebase, the difference between them is less about compatibility and more about licenses, support and updates.

Upgrading Java for Ebase/ systems before v5.5
Ebase/ systems before v5.5 require Java 8 and will not work with later versions. Oracle have announced that after Jan 2019, they will no longer post updates of Java 8 for public download. This is normal occurrence and happened to other versions some time ago. It does however create a problem for Ebase customers who want to remain on a version before 5.5, but upgrade Java. Oracle will continue to make updates available for their paying customers, so users may purchase their own subscription. We have also had some success running version 5 with Azul ZuluFX 8 which is free, open source and based on OpenJDK 8.
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Re: Oracle Java SE license changes


Postby neilnewman » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:17 pm

Hi Ben,
I have just taken a look at the URL and I see the project has ceased and has moved onto Java 12, does 5.5.? support Java 12?

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Re: Oracle Java SE license changes


Postby Jon » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:48 pm

Our policy is to always ship new versions with the latest Java version. So the next version - most likely V5.6 - will probably ship with Java 12.

We haven't tested V5.5 with Java 12. Most likely it will be fine but you never know - sometimes there are unexpected quirks. Officially we would say: no, don't use anything beyond Java 11 with V5.5.
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