too many redirect when trying to use ebaseadmin.eb

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too many redirect when trying to use ebaseadmin.eb


Postby dvanhussel » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:55 pm


On one of our servers (version 5.2.0) we have a problem with ebaseadmin.eb .

When the link is openend (http://servername:3031/ebaseadmin.eb) in a browser, the url changes to: http://servername:3031/ufs/ebaseadmin.e ... 9252388160 So, an Ebase session is started (refreshing generaties new id).
But all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) only display the error: 'ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS'

I have removed the contents of tomcat/work and restarted the server, tried using incognito browser (Chrome suggests it's a cookie problem). Used a browser on the server it self (point to localhost) all with no effect.

No errors are logged in catalina.out, all our own forms on the server work as expect and deploying also works (using the same url without the ebaseadmin.eb part). Another instance of ebase on the same server does not have this problem. This has worked on this instance of Ebase for years now, until recently.

Is this a know bug? Or do you have any suggestions on fixing this (Maybe it is possible to try and copy this form from a working server?) ?

After another reboot this works as expected.

I wanted to log this in the customer portal as it is quit critical for us, but opening a ticket there shows 'You cannot create a new ticket because you are not a member of an organisation'.


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Re: too many redirect when trying to use ebaseadmin.eb


Postby Jon » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:51 am


Firstly, please continue to report problems using the old Ebase Customer Portal. The new Verj Portal support system is for users who have purchased service plans in the Verj cloud (cloud server systems).

I don't know what caused your problem, particularly that a restart of Tomcat didn't fix it whereas a reboot did. When you request a new form Ebase sends a redirect to the browser (HTTP response 302) and then this redirected request (back to the Ebase server again) will then show the page. This mechanism relies on the existence of a session which in turn needs a session cookie - if these are missing, the redirected request is treated as a new form request and responds with another 302 and then the browser/server loop doing this, hence the TOO MANY REDIRECTS error. So something went wrong with the session mechanism. If the problem was with the browser or the Tomcat server you should have seen this problem with ALL forms not just ebaseadmin. It is possible that the session timeout was set to an extremely low value, but again, you would see this problem with all forms, and it seems very unlikely. So it's a bit of a mystery, particularly the fact that a re-boot (of the server?) fixed it - the moving parts in this are the browser and the tomcat server - the OS hasn't got much to do with it.

Sorry not to be more helpful.

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