Debugging watch expressions

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Debugging watch expressions


Postby Segi » Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:45 pm

When using the debugger, it would be really nice to have a Watch panel where you can add watch expressions the same way that Visual Studio and most other IDEs have where you can add a variable or expression and see the evaluated value of the watched variable/expression and also be able to copy the evaluated value.

I'm aware that you can evaluate an expression using Evaluate in the debugger, but it will sometimes say a a local var is undefined or in the case when looping through a database resource through code like this:

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     function (columnData) {    
if I place a debugger breakpoint anywhere inside this function, evaluate says that columnData is undefined and it is not possible to inspect any of the properties of columnData even though it is not correct that columnData is undefined because columnData is defined and does contain valid data

It is also inconvenient if you want to look at the value of multiple variables/expressions at any given time.
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