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Email Address Security


Postby Vanessa » Thu Sep 20, 2007 9:19 am

We would like to make all our forum users aware of email address security on our forums

If you select 'no' to the 'Always show my e-mail address:' option in your profile, your email address will be hidden in your profile and when you post messages on the forum. It will not be visible or accessible to the public or any bots that gather email addresses on the net.

You will see your own email address when you are logged in, but it will be hidden from other users on the forum, registered or otherwise.

For added (email) security, we have enabled a "User email via board" feature, which allows users send email to each other via this board.

This means that if you choose 'Yes' to the 'Always show my e-mail address:' option in your profile, the forum just displays an 'email' button in your profile on on your posts, but your email address remains private/hidden. The email button just links to an online 'email form' and the sender will not know what your email address is, unless you decide to reply to them.
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