Ebase V4.1 planned for release 13th December 2010

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Ebase V4.1 planned for release 13th December 2010


Postby Jon » Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:31 pm

V4.1 builds on the new code base established with V4.0. Mostly, this release is about making it much easier and faster to design web pages. A particular feature is that the designer no longer needs to understand CSS.

Major features of this release are:
  • o Each control has a new Styling Assistant which presents easy to understand properties and shows a preview of the control as changes are made. This is intended to hide the complexities of CSS from the designer. (Though full access to CSS is still available via advanced properties.)
    o Control properties can be saved in Property Sets - these are a little bit like Word styles. Property Sets are all about reuse and allow you to quickly apply style to a control. They also make it easier to create presentation templates to represent themes.
    o Layouts have been enhanced to make it much easier to achieve advanced page layouts. Most of the layout features you require should be available as standard properties.
    o Components can now be styled and deployed so that style is maintained.
    o A new printing technique has been added making it much faster to create print pages (PDFs). Basically all pages can now be web pages and/or print pages, and the same designer is used to create both. Print pages will normally expand dynamically to accommodate their content e.g. a table with many rows, but you could also choose to constrain their size.
    o A new Repeater control has been added. This provides full design flexibility for displaying tabular data.
Other new features:
  • o Cut and paste has been extended. It is now possible to freely cut and paste fields/tables/controls/pages within forms, between forms, between forms and components etc.
    o Database resources have been extended to support update for CLOB types.
    o Nested tables can now be displayed e.g. parent child relationships. For example outstanding requests per department. This could be used for report generation, particularly in conjunction with the new printing facility.
    o Formal support for Dynamic SQL has been added to both database resources and dynamic lists. This allows SQL statements to be constructed dynamically at runtime.
    o It's now possible to specify a list header text i.e. the Please Select text can be specified.
    o A new Getting Started page has been added with links to tutorials and the Ebase Resource Centre. The Resource Centre is intended to be a repository of technical information and will be expanded over time.
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