V5.6.0 released

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Postby Steve » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:21 pm V5.6.0 is now available and can be downloaded using the links below.

Full Release: Studio Links:
Windows 64 bit: ... _win64.exe
Linux 64 bit: ... x64.tar.gz
Mac: ... _0_mac.dmg

On-premise Server Links
Windows 64 bit: ... _win64.exe
Linux 64 bit: ... x64.tar.gz


Here is a summary of changes introduced in Version 5.6.0:
  1. V5.6 is a landmark release in that it introduces a new file system layout for the installation that will enable future upgrades to be performed automatically. This new file system layout provides separation between the distribution files which should not be changed by customers (the installation file system), and any customer configurable files (the userdata file system). Future upgrades will work by replacing the distribution files. This change applies to both the Studio and Server components.

  2. The level of Rhino, which provides server-side Javascript, has been upgraded to level 1.7.11 which includes support for many ES6 features.

  3. Logon Services have been enhanced to support the ability to add Authorizations to a user, in addition to roles and credentials. Authorizations provide more granularity than a simple role, enabling more sophisticated security checks, and can be checked using SecurityManager.isAuthorized().

    This release also contains several bug fixes.
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