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Postby Steve » Mon Jul 27, 2020 4:06 pm V5.9.0 is now available and can be downloaded using the links below.

Downloads: Studio Links:
Windows 64 bit: ... _win64.exe
Linux 64 bit: ... x64.tar.gz
Mac: ... _0_mac.dmg

On-premise Server Links
Windows 64 bit: ... _win64.exe
Linux 64 bit: ... x64.tar.gz

Here is a summary of changes introduced in Version 5.9.0:
  1. This release includes a number of features that enable compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

    • New landmark controls Main Control, Aside Control, Article Control have been added. Together with the existing landmark Nav, Section, Header and Footer controls, these form a family that can be used to bring structure to web pages. This helps screen reader users navigate each page.
    • A new Heading Control has been added which enables the use of HTML heading tags <h1> - <h6>. As well as representing a simple header text, a Heading Control can also contain Text and Image child controls to build more complex headings.
    • A new ARIA section has been added to all controls that support ARIA properties. ARIA is a formal specification that allows developers to add markup that will be interpreted by Alternative Technologies (including screen readers).
    • Button Controls have been enhanced to support Text and Image child controls. One reason for introducing this feature is to try and discourage the use of onClick events on HTML elements that don’t natively support clicks e.g. a &lt;div&gt; using a Panel Control, which causes accessibility problems.
    • A new option to render radio button and checkbox lists using an HTML <fieldset> has been added. This is the recommended technique for displaying these lists.
    • HTML for field labels is now always generated and written to the browser, even when the label text is not visible. This change allows form fields to always be correctly labelled so labels can be read out by a screen reader. This does not affect the visible page presented to sighted users.
    • HTML for field help texts is always generated if a help text is configured, even when the help text is not visible. The help text is then linked to the field using the aria-describedBy attribute. A screen reader will then read out the help text after the label e.g. "Field password, passwords must have at least 8 characters including". This change does not affect the visible page presented to sighted users.
    • ARIA roles are now added to all error, warning and info messages sent to the user. This allows a screen reader to alert the user when a message is received.
    • The ARIA “presentation” role is added to all layout tables. This enables a screen reader to effectively ignore these tables.
    • A number of HTML syntax problems have been fixed involving the removal of unsupported and deprecated attributes.
This release also contains several bug fixes.

Release notes and installation instructions:
See the V5.9 Readme
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