ebase 5.0.1 upgrade does not migrate database connections

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ebase 5.0.1 upgrade does not migrate database connections


Postby Segi » Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:16 pm

I just wanted to let you guys know that after upgrading eBase from 4.5.3 to 5.0.1, I opened the Server Admin Console and under database connections the only 2 database connections that appear there are EBASE_SAMPLES and UFS.

It appears that none of my previous database connections migrated from v4 to 5 and will have to be manually recreated. It isn't a huge deal to do so but I wanted to make you guys aware of this bug.

Update: I reviewed another previous post here from when eBase 5 was in beta and someone said that you need to use the external test server. I discovered that the web application name was set to ebase and doesn''t default to ufs which it probably should. After changing it to ufs it works now and all of my database connections are there.
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Postby Jon » Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:47 am

Glad to hear you've found the upgraded Database Connections. These will be in UfsServer/tomcat/webapps/<webappname>/ebaseConf/databases on the upgraded server, and they are now maintained using the Server Admin App. The last instruction on the client upgrade asks you to re-configure your preferences to point to the server that's just been upgraded - it sounds like you missed this instruction which is easy to do as there are so many.

The upgrade instructions just give you parity with your Version 4 system. Once you've upgraded, you can then choose to use the new Integrated Test Server in the designer if you want to, but you would need to copy all configurations from your external server to do this.
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